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Welcome to Rita B Costumes

My website is dedicated to the creation and design of custom made Spanish Flamenco Dance costumes .  This website is not to provide samples of various costumes for purchase but to provide a source for creating costumes, with excellent customer service  and to  save  the cost of currency exchange, custom/excise taxes, tariffs and saving in shipping costs within Canada and the United States.

Internationally, there are many costume makers, designers and outlets that provide ready to wear and custom Flamenco costumes.  In Canada there are very few sources available for the Flamenco dancer and student.  Many work exclusively with various dance companies, and there is a need for a Canadian source of custom made Flamenco costumes that is available to all dancers and students of Spanish Flamenco dance.  

I started Flamenco  in the early 1980's in Toronto, Ontario, where I loved to have a different costume for every dance piece I performed in. I realized it would be less expensive to create my own costumes for my non standard body type using Canadian fabric supply resources, With my knowledge of sewing since a child, I had the opportunity of mentoring under Suziyo Kato well know as Maki of Japan ( who provided me exposure and experience to create all types and designs of Spanish Flamenco costumes following traditional techniques and modern methods. Please check her Japan based website for many costumes ideas.

I have also created and designed costumes for Skating, Dance Schools (ballet, hip hop, jazz etc) and Theatre. Having made costumes for women, children and men in many size ranges.

BATA DE COLAS, skirts and dresses are my specialty, using all  types of fabrics and various style methods, I can customize any design for you as a dancer for a reasonable cost.

SPANISH FIESTA DOTS. Costumes with fabric printed with Dots is a very traditional Flamenco dance ensemble.  I currently have available a series of Satin polyester fabrics with Black Dots that I can create any type of Flamenco costume for you.  More coloured dots to come in the future. Please view my current samples under Fabric&Measurement page.

I have provided links to some Flamenco Dance Companies and Dance Schools, for whom I created/designed costumes for.  Also to  Flamenco related sites worth checking out.

Rita     September 19, 2009   (yes that is me in the 1980's!)


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